Replace Deck Boards

Water will eventually rot your decking if your deck boards are exposed to water for prolonged amounts of time to moisture. Sometimes just nailing down or screwing down the deck is not going to work. You will at some point need to remove and replace your current deck boards because of rot, warping, splitting, or twisting.

Rotting Deck Boards

When your deck absorbs water and then dries, and the process repeats over and over your wood deck, boards will eventually rot. When your deck boards rot the become soft, brittle, and invite wood eating / wood boring insect to consume your wood on your deck. The more rot the board has the additional water is absorbed and held by the deck board or other deck lumber. This is a run-away process, and replacing rotten wood is often the only solution along with fixing the cause of the water retention.

Splitting Deck Boards

When wood spits it is often because of a number of issues. The most common is that when the deck board was installed the deck screws or nail were placed to close to the end of the board and the decking splits. Dry weather is another reason deck boards my split. When the moisture content lessens the board will contract and split along the weakest wood grain lines.

Twisiting and Warping Deck Boards

Your decking boards warp for much the same reasons why they may split. The moisture content in the board is such that the wood will contract in one place more than the other side on the opposite end and the board will twist along the grain lines.

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